Blood Tests

Appointments for blood tests are available every weekday morning. Due to the transport of the samples to the hospital we are unable to offer this service in the afternoon.

Hospital Blood Tests

We are aware that many of our patients will be asked by their hospital consultants to request to book a blood test at the surgery prior to a hospital appointment.

Unfortunately the request for hospital phlebotomy puts an increased demand on our services that we are unable to sustain. We employ 2 HCA’s offering phlebotomy clinics every day but the wait for blood tests that our own GPs request is often over two weeks. If we were to accept taking bloods for the hospital when requested, a service for which we receive no funding, this would lead to further delays which could impact patient heath if onward referrals are then needed.

We appreciate that this does have an impact for patients having to travel to the hospital but the demands on general practice, both for doctors, nurses and practice staff is now so great that decisions have had to be taken regarding which services we are able to maintain to ensure that we are able to provide a manageable and clinically safe service for our patients. Services and work for third parties for which we receive no funding will obviously be the first to be lost.